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(333552 Byte, 777x1094)


Peps on trevshit's site are being lil FUCKS! Even though their the ones advertising her. Can anyone help out on her link? I got this.


>> No.1983  
>i want you to have sex with me and cum inside me

This text turns me on

>> No.2003  

is there more of her?

>> No.2004  

If there is more of her than its on Ota somewhere. The guy claiming to be the oc poster said on Trevor's /jp/ that it might still be floating around on Ota. Im going to be in Okinawa here soon and I'd like to impregnate her and possibly bring her back to the states to live with me/marry after a year.

Dude wasn't willing to give the link for some reason.

>> No.2021  

I was the one who originally posted that on /ota/, I found it on craigslist.

I've posted on trevchan like once, he was lying.

>> No.2022  

So is she.gone? I'll be in Okinawa. Contact info? Please no funny business.

>> No.2023  

plz more pix

>> No.2024  

I would if I could anon. It seems like there is only 3 of us on the site here now. For a while I thought one of us died, which is a sad thought.

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